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Side entry mixers Side entry mixers
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ZUCCHETTI manufactures two different type of side entry mixers, both designed for easy installation, high-efficiency operation for all oil & gas industries:

  • ZUCCHETTI Fixed Side Entry Mixers
    ZUCCHETTI Fixed Side Entry Mixers are usually installed at an angle of 10 degree to the left of the tank axis
  • ZUCCHETTI Swivel Side Entry Mixers
    ZUCCHETTI Swivel Side Entry Mixers are equipped with a special device which allows the mixer angle of entry to be varied through 30 degree either side of the tank centerline with 10 degree increments

All ZUCCHETTI’s side entry mixers incorporate a standard tank Shut-Off device to allow the replacement of the mechanical seal under full tank conditions. Mechanical Seals prevent product leakage and toxic emission during the mixer service under pressure.
Typical mixing applications are:

  • B.S. & W. (Basic sediment and water)
  • Refining and Processing
  • Liquid Storage

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