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Reactor mixers: how they work
The functions demanded to all industrial agitators and mixers in a reactor, where a variety of process are involved, are the combination of the following elementary operations: homogenizing of miscible liquids, dispersion and suspension of finely divided solids in a liquid (to prevent the solids from settling at the bottom of the tank), dispersion of a liquid in another immiscible liquid (liquid/liquid extraction), contacting a gas and a liquid, equalizing temperatures.

The complexity of the reactor mixers problems concerning the mixing technology requires careful consideration of the process requirements in order to identify the suitable agitator to solve these issues.
Understanding of key parameters and the effect created by the different impellers on flows may suggest the best solution to produce the desired result. More efficient impellers mean greater benefits in pumping and power efficiency with cost-effective mixing technology.

ZUCCHETTI’s reactor mixers
ZUCCHETTI designs and manufactures reactor mixers in order to ensure the highest level of quality and efficiency. In reactor mixers technology, ZUCCHETTI is constantly engaged on the research and development of new impeller designs that can provide opportunities for process improvements. We focus our attention on applications where advanced impeller design and cutting edge mixing solutions are required in order to comply with all critical situations that can interest the process.

The reactors mixers designed and manufactured by ZUCCHETTI ensure:

  • Reliability
  • Safety in operation
  • Easy maintenance

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