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Industrial agitators Industrial agitators Industrial agitators
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ZUCCHETTI’s industrial agitators and mixers are used for agitation systems characterized by high values of critical parameters such pressure, temperature, density or viscosity for hazardous or corrosive working environment.

A great variety of impellers with different shapes can be installed according to typical design of propeller, high efficiency propeller, pitched blade turbine, curved blade turbine, single and double helical ribbon, rushton, cowles/sawblades etc. They can be classified according to their predominant hydrodynamic effects: axial, radial or tangential flow.

The correct design and dimensioning of the industrial agitators are in themselves not sufficient to ensure the desired hydraulic operating conditions. The problem set by the mechanical construction, such as mechanical strength-vibration-hydraulic balance, must be solved to achieve the process requirements. For industrial agitators shaft and impellers are the most important components that need to be carefully designed. The shaft is an essential and critical mechanical element for the performance of the industrial agitators because if it is not rigidly supported, it may vibrate and cause misalignment and consequently damage to the whole system.

ZUCCHETTI has experience acquired in 50 years of activity in industrial agitators.
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